Click over the name of the template to download. Please follow the instructions you will find in the template and do not worry as we will double-check all details before it´s sent to the printing plant.

12" Labels Template


12" Sleeve Template with 3mm Spine

7" Labels Template

For other templates please write us and we will send you a link. 

order form

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The most important is the catalogue reference (E.g. third release Saturn Records = SR003).


Add the number of copies and do not forget to name the tracks with the same title of the master. Also it´s very important to add A1, A2, A3... B1, B2, B3, to each track. 


We need  you to fill in the order form to start the manufacturing process and in case you are missing information do not delay it and send it to us as we will complete the missing fields and in case we have some doubts we will contact you.