SpEcial plan for profEssional labEls

You can order different specifications for each one of your records during the year or even make use of our special offers and you will have a 25% discount in the fifth order, easy peasy! 

The graphic below is just an example of how this works.

pro lables eng.jpg


· If you send us 4 orders you will save 25% in the fifth order.  This fifth order may not exceed 2.500 euros unless the average of the previous four orders is over 2.500 euros.

· You can also take advantage of our special offers for all of your orders, no problem!

· Mastering service for vinyl record included in all your orders (no limit of tracks)


As record label owners we consider price and sound quality are main elements in the game and in the end we all want to put out the best possible product at the most competitive market price.


If this is the first time you will work with us then it´s quite possible that your music is already mastered.  Consider the mastering process as the most important process while manufacturing your record and this is why we include the mastering for free in all orders. 


Please take a moment to think how much money you save in one year just for the mastering cost of all your records and also keep in mind the advantages to work always with the same mastering engineer and what this means for the sound of your record label. 


Alek Stark is well known for his mastering works, especially for vinyl records, Alek is one of the founders of Vinyl Records & Mastering and you will speak directly to him about your tracks to achieve the best final sound.


By working with us you will improve the sound of your records, you will save money and also time because we´ll deliver your master ready in 48 hours, it is a commitment with all our customers.


Just an example using our best seller offer that includes 25 high quality T-Shirts. Please check these figures and think how much you save if you start working with us:

· 300 vinyl records - 140gr. - Black records

· Full color labels

· White inners

· High Quality Sleeve, 350gr., Full Color, 3mm spine



The actual price of this offer is 1.490 euro

Anyone will ask you 150 euro minimum for a proper mastering work of 3 - 4 tracks.

You can make a minimum of 250 euro selling the tees.

You can make special packages for your Bandcamp or just put the tees for sale at 10 or 15 euro... which is a low price because these are really good quality tees that could be sold for 20 euro... and even if you sell them for 10 euro, this means you are saving 250 euro in the final price of your records. 


You could amortize about 400 euro on each record by following our tips with this offer. With these tips you can lower the final price of each record to around 1.100 euro and you will have an excellent sound and 25 tees for your Bandcamp or gigs. 


Additionally, think how much you will save in the fifth record!... for instance if you choose this special offer you will pay only 1.043 euro... in your fifth order. 25% discount directly in your pocket.


Make your numbers and please write us here for any questions: