we want to help you

Vinyl Records & Mastering is made up of musicians and technicians who have been editing their own vinyl records for years. We have gone through the manufacturing process many times and we know how difficult it is to put the money together to get your record out.

We've created this plan to provide direct aid to all the artists, musicians, bands and small labels that need a little push to have their music on vinyl. 

We will always be working with you in each step of the process, not only on the manufacturing side but also the sound quality, design and even broadcasting, distributions and sales.

The mastering process for vinyl will be free for all records made under this aid plan so you will save this extra cost that could be in between 150 to 500 euros depending on the number of songs and please have in mind that no matter how many tracks you want to include in the record, we´ll do the mastering for you with no cost, a professional mastering for vinyl records.

HOW does it work

In order for us to make this aid plan possible we need to collect and complete groups of 5 records.  Don´t worry, we´ll explain this in more detail.

To access this aid plan you just have to fill in the form below with your contact details and we will get back to you in the next 24 hours to answer all your questions and to explain you how easy the process is.

Once you made up your mind to access the plan just send us an OK confirmation and you´ll be automatically added to the next available group alongside other participants until we complete 5 orders.

Vinyl Records & Mastering contributes with a permanent action to follow up and complete these groups in the fastest possible way.

other artists need you help

Since this plan was officially launched, we are doing our best to spread the word as much as possible and perhaps you could help other people with similar goals who could benefit from this aid plan.


If you are on Facebook and/or other social networks you can share this link with them and remember this plan is international, one participant can be your neighbour and another one can live in Berlin or NY.

What's included in this plan

These are the details of this manufacturing plan:

• 300 copies Black Vinyl 140gr.

• White Interior Covers

• Full Color Cookies (or B / N, same price)

• Full Color High Quality folder (or B / W, same price) - in 350gr. - Spine 3 mm

• Professional Mastering for Vinyl.


The special price of all this service is 1.148 euro


Remember that in addition to all the help needed to get access to the manufacturing list, this plan also includes special mastering for vinyl, with no limit of tracks.

how to

You just have to fill in the following form with your contact information, name, email and telephone and we will contact you in 24 hours.