TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR MANUFACTURING vinyl records and  record folders with VINYL RECORDS & MASTERING - www.vinyl-records-mastering.com

As everyone knows, the demand for vinyl has grown exponentially and this is causing delays on delivery times in the usual terms. We see that far from improving the delivery times at factories, delays grow more and even if us (at Vinyl Records & Mastering) control orders on a daily basis, each day becomes more difficult to have orders ready on the scheduled date.

In most cases our clients know what it means to make a record, they know these problems and also other intrinsic details in the manufacturing process but some customers, especially those with less experience in making records believe that the process is something automated and that could be similar to a CD for example, and has absolutely nothing in common.

When you place an order with Vinyl Records & Mastering, you understand and accept that vinyl manufacturing is a completely handmade process and therefore may have small production defects inherent in the process itself and delays in production.

There are hundreds of possible problems that can arise due to the artisanal process when making a vinyl record and most of them are completely unavoidable problems. Therefore we have written a series of terms and conditions that you understand and accept when placing an order with Vinyl Records & Mastering:

    •    You understand that Vinyl Records & Mastering is an intermediary between the customer and the vinyl record factory. Vinyl Records & Mastering is not the record factory plant, so Vinyl Records & Mastering assumes no responsibility for any delay in the delivery date of the orders that is produced by the record factory plant and this includes both, the Standard Manufacturing Service and the Express Manufacturing Service.

    •    The standard manufacturing service does not have an assigned fixed delivery period, although orders are normally delivered to the customer within a period of 10-12 weeks.

    •    The Express manufacturing service has a delivery date of 30 WORKING DAYS from the confirmation of the vinyl record factory. The Express service is available under request, so once the order is placed and sent to the factory it will take a maximum period of 15 days until the record factory accepts the order as Express Service and at the same time determines an approximate date of delivery. Due to its characteristics, this service is limited and not always available when requested by our clients. In case that our customers do not agree with the proposed delivery date by the factory, Vinyl Records & Mastering will proceed to the full refund of the amount paid by the customer in the following 24 hours using the same payment method used the client when made the Express service payment.

    •    Any strict date of delivery will not be accepted by Vinyl Records & Mastering, which will not accept claims in this regard neither by the client nor by third parties as it is only an intermediary between the record factory and the final customer. Vinyl Records & Mastering can not guarantee in any way an exact deadline in the delivery of any order made by the customer, this includes both the Standard Manufacturing Service and the Express Manufacturing Service.

    •    When sending your original music and the order form filled in, you accept the full payment of the order in advance. The order will only be sent to the factory once the 100% of the payment has been made.

    •    The customer has no obligation to request test pressings. In case of requesting test pressings the delivery time of the final records will increase 15 days the scheduled date. Once the customer has approved the test pressings the records will not be repeated, due to any type of failure or anomaly and in any case. For this reason it is very important that the customer carefully check the test pressings since the final discs are an EXACT copy of the test pressing.

    •    If the customer does not request test pressings and there is a manufacturing defect, the factory will claim the customer for the delivery of the defective copies before starting with the corrective duplicate work.

    •    The production will only be repeated in case there is a physical defect in the record. Any repetition due to the customer's taste for the resulting audio on the vinyl record itself or on the similarity between the vinyl record and the original files is excluded. The client understands and accepts that an irremediable change occurs when passing his digital files to physical vinyl support and that therefore it is impossible for the test pressings or the final records to sound exactly like the digital files provided by the client.

    •    The client understands that this is an artisanal process and that due to its technical characteristics it is completely normal for the disc to hear clicks and pops resulting manual manipulation. No disc will be repeated in any case due to these types of clicks since they are an intrinsic part of making a vinyl and are completely unavoidable.

    •    The client guarantees that the audio files sent to Vinyl Records & Mastering have been "mastered for vinyl" and assumes the responsibility in case it has not been this way. In case the client requests the mastering for vinyl to Vinyl Records & Mastering, the client has the obligation to approve or deny the final mastering before it is sent for vinyl pressing. Vinyl Records & Mastering is not responsible for any mistakes made in the mastering process since Vinyl Records & Mastering does not send the master to the factory in any case until that master has the absolute approval by the client.

    •    The customer understands that due to the completely handmade character of the manufacture of a vinyl record the individual weight of this can vary +/- 10-15% of the weight announced by the factory. For example a 180gr disc could weigh 160gr sometimes and it would be completely acceptable, but also on the contrary, we have received discs that weight even 210gr. Of course, the price will not be increased or reduced in case of differences in grammage. No order will be repeated due to the final weight of the vinyl records.

    •    The customer accepts that discs made of colored compound, especially whites or light or transparent colors, it is impossible to guarantee that the disc does not have small spots or changes of color in some parts of the disc. With the discs made in 180gr. in transparent colors you have to keep in mind that you lose transparency when you go up 40gr. so a transparent blue disc in 180gr will almost not seem transparent. In the discs where the client requests a special color or mixture of several colors we can not guarantee in any way that the final result is accurate to the sample or photograph that the client has sent us as reference since it is almost impossible to know with a single photograph which is exactly the percentage of color that was applied in that production and therefore the final result may differ from the sample.

    •    The center labels are thermo-glued in the vinyl discs and suffer great changes of temperature reason why it is impossible to guarantee a perfect color relation with the files sent by the client. For the same reason with the heat generated in the pressing, the center labels can undergo small cracks near the central hole of the disc.

    •    The customer understands that there may be differences in the quantities requested when placing the order due to different factors such as the availability of the material (colors), problems with the center labels of the vinyl or tolerances in the manual manufacturing of the copies. The usual tolerances can be up to 10%, both, in favor of the client and against. In the event that the differences are greater than 10% and less copies are delivered to the customer, Vinyl Records & Mastering will make a payment to the customer of the exact difference of the individual price of the copies not manufactured, likewise Vinyl Records & Mastering will charge the resulting difference to the client in case of receiving more copies. In the orders of vinyl in color it is possible that the necessary compound to manufacture 100% of the production ordered by the client is not in stock so in order to not delay the production the left copies will be pressed in black color if these are no more than 25% of the total. In case that the vinyl percentage of color in stock is less than 75%, the client will be informed so that he / she will decide whether to continue pressing the discs or not.

    •    The client understands that due to the design and the colors used it is possible that the folders may suffer a "contagion" when stored in the boxes for shipping and therefore the folders may stain with each other or rub especially when a folder is white with dark details or completely black. We do recommend that you avoid this possibility holstering each folder since in any case the folders will be repeated as this possible called "contagion" that might be completely unavoidable.

    •    Any claim concerning the condition of the records must be made within a maximum of 7 days from the delivery of the discs by the transport company.

    •    In case of cancellation of an order, the refund of the amount will be made after consultation with the vinyl record factory to know what processes had been carried out until the cancellation date of the order. In case of having made some type of process in the manufacture of the disc, these processes like center labels printing, folders, etc., will be deducted from the amount paid by the client before proceeding to the refund of the amount paid when making the order.

    •    You understand that Vinyl Sleeves is not the transport company and that therefore the records are transported under the responsibility of the client. Vinyl Records & Mastering has no responsibility for any delay or damage that occurs due to transportation, even if the transport has been contracted by Vinyl Records & Mastering or by the same customer. Therefore, Vinyl Records & Mastering will not refund the amount of the transport paid by the customer for any of these reasons, nor will it be responsible for delays or damages produced in the shipment.

    •    Vinyl Records & Mastering reserves the right to cancel any order during the production period of the album. In this case Vinyl Records & Mastering will refund 100% of the amount paid by the customer using the same payment method that the customer used to pay for the order.

    •     If, when placing an order with Vinyl Records & Mastering, the client does not present any statement from any general society of authors, national or international, Vinyl Records & Mastering understands that the audio files, included songs and even the delivered design, are the property of the client and, or, the music / songs / audio that they contain are not subject to any regulation by any society of authors. Likewise, the client guarantees to have the property or the permissions/rights to be able to duplicate on vinyl format and to print the design files. You also understand and accept that Vinyl Records & Mastering may request at any time, before or after the delivery of the final discs, proof that the files are your property and are not subject to any regulation by any society of authors.