some interesting tips so that your experience making a vinyl record is perfect

1. Master your music for vinyl record format

There is nothing more important for us than the sound fidelity of the final vinyl record to the original master. In this process there is something that we all know but sometimes we forget which is the change of format from digital to solid state, from zeros and ones to a plastic disk, from a wav or aiff file to a surface where a needle is "reading" a groove ... Understanding this change at the physical level is key to obtain not only the best sound but to maintain it true to the original.

Since we consider the process of making an specific master for vinyl extremely important, we include it completely free for our customers in order assure the best result.


Of course, a record will always sound at least slightly different from the original master and our job is to make that difference as small as possible. If the master has been made by an engineer with experience in vinyl cutting, the difference between the sound of the final record and the original master will be little. This process will not change the original sound because it focuses on the technical and physical aspects by making the groove able to transmit the information in a perfect way and without any distraction to the needle of your player.


In other words, what is really important about a mastering for vinyl is that the needle stays as stable as possible in the groove of the record and this can only be achieved by making the groove not to send unnecessary information to the needle.

At VRM we consider the process of making an specific master for vinyl extremely important that we include it completely free in order assure the best result.

2. How to improve the delivery times

Many plants guarantee a determined delivery time but the reality is that each year is more complicated to achieve these deadlines because the demand for vinyl has multiplied tenfold in recent years and the number of pressing plants in Europe are exactly the same as ten years ago which are very few compared to the actual demand in the market. Unfortunately with the appearance of the CD format most of the pressing machines were destroyed or sold as junk more than 30 years ago.
At this time the only one way to speed up the process of making your records is in your hands. Many aspects such as a delay by the transport company for instance can affect the expected timing so the sooner you send us the final files the sooner we can start the whole process.
In our experience, the artist or label that wants to place an order loses too much time for little details such as not sending us the order form or waiting until they have the cover design ready.

In order to be fast, just send us your music files, order form and the center labels template to start the process ASAP.  And do not worry about the cover design, you can deliver it later or let us know if need more information about our graphic design service.

Important – the following tips will help you to save time and money!:


At VRM, we guarantee to have the audio masters ready in 48 hours since we receive your original files. This way you will have a professional mastering for vinyl that can be sent immediately to the pressing plant.  

As you possibly know we make our own ‘outer sleeves’ using the best quality paper and a manual assembling process. This way offers another advantage because you have in between 2 to 4 more weeks to deliver us the artwork design without delaying the full process.

To not waste time in this step and in case you have doubts regarding the master files you need to send us, just contact us directly by email or phone and we´ll answer you the soonest. We are here to help you!
Fill in the ORDER FORM and do not be afraid to leave blank fields that you do not understand or lack any data. We will contact you if necessary.
Important, use the beginning of the title of each song like this: A1, A2, A3 ..., B1, B2, B3, and use those same titles for the files of the songs in the master. This way you will also save time and there will be no mistakes.
For the ‘outer sleeves’ and the ‘center labels’ follow the instructions indicated in the templates and please be very careful not to change the size of format of the given templates. If something needs to be changed we will contact you or your designer if you wish.

DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING because all the files will be reviewed and sent to the plant only until they are perfect.

3. Take advantage of our offers

All of our offers include a free professional mastering of your music that not only is specifically done for vinyl cutting but you can save this money as you don´t have to pay additional mastering.
We also offer you 25 high quality T-shirts made in combed cotton and hand-made serigraphy printed. They could be sold easily for 20€ from your Bandcamp or at your gigs and if you sell them cheaper at 15€ or 10€ euros they'll also be taken out of your hands quickly.

If you follow these simple tips you will save money, you will save time (which is crucial based on the big demand that exists) and the final sound of the records will be top!